We challenge you to help put a dent in childhood obesity by doing something we all probably need to do anyway - get in shape and be healthy

Every day over 7,000 people die from obesity related causes.  Look around us and its easy to see that we have a problem.  And ViSalus created the Project 10 Challenge to be the solution.  Even better, with Project 10, when we help ourselves, we help those in need.  By simply losing 10 lbs of fat or putting on 10 lbs of lean muscle, anyone can help poor, malnourished or obese children get the nutritious meals they need.  


Everyone who completes the Project 10 Challenge, wins a free shirt to congratulate them on their success, 10 chances to win $1,000 in our weekly $10,000 drawing and best of all..... a kid in need wins.  For every Project 10 victory, ViSalus will donate 30 healthy meals to underprivileged children.  When you lose, they win!

3 million people have taken the Challenge and over 4.5 million meals have been donated to kids* over the past 4 years.

Accept the Challenge today & help the kids win.  Click on the "Challenge Accepted" tab at the top of the page.**

For more info, be sure to attend one of our fun and exciting Challenge parties. If you live too far away or simply can't attend, please click here to watch our full Challenge presentation video.

The Project 10 Challenge is the #1 Health & Fitness Challenge on the planet.  Challenge yourself to shed some pounds or challenge yourself in a sport or fitness activity.  Project 10 can help anybody and ANY body.

Sam & Dawn CHALLENGE you to join the Project 10 Challenge.  Just ACCEPT the CHALLENGE and Sam & Dawn will help you work toward your goal.  From losing 10 or more pounds, to running your first 5k, to improving & maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to achieving financial freedom, they will help you succeed - and help a kid in need.

"We're so glad that you are visiting with us today. Our experiences with the Project 10 Challenge have completely transformed our lives for the better in so many ways. With Project 10, every day brings a new Challenge. So, today we Challenge you!

Of course nothing good would have happened if we hadn't started. So get started on the Project 10 Challenge today!"    -   Sam & Dawn Ritter

*For more information on the ViSalus charitable giving programs, go to www.vicares.org

**If you want to help the children but cannot take the Project 10 Challenge at this time, you can give directly to the Visalus Giving program here.  When you give, ViSalus will match your donation meal for meal.