About Us

Dawn was working in the bakery of their small town grocery store when she began her 1st 90 Day Challenge.  Before ending those first 90 days, she was able to walk away and become a full-time entrepeneur again.  Previously, she had owned and ran her own flower/gift shop in historic Ste Genevieve.  After experiencing the difficulties and pitfalls of owning a brick-and-mortar business, she saw building a home-based business as her best path to financial freedom. 

In Network Marketing, Dawn has been able to build her business through sharing life transformations, lifting up and inspiring others, while still allowing her the ability to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Dawn's success on the Challenge was recognized when she was chosen as a Monthly Finalist to become a Body by Vi Champion at the LA NST in March 2013.

As of December 1st, Dawn has lost 101 pounds on the Challenge.

Sam works full-time at a local limestone mining/processing plant in Ste Genevieve.  He works the Challenge with Dawn around that schedule.  He splits his other free time between his duties as a Union official, Coach, political operative & dad.

Thanks to the Challenge, Sam has also been able to raise his fitness level well beyond what he thought possible. Sam has become a competitive endurance athlete, completing a half-marathon, 3 sprint triathlons and one half-ironman distance triathlon as well many 5k runs with Dawn in 2014.

As of December 1st, Sam had lost 105 pounds on the Challenge.

Sam & Dawn have 3 beautiful children aged 22, 20 & 12.  Together, they lead the music ministry at their church and work with the children and youth programs.  Each day you will usually find one or both of them working out in the fitness center at the local community center.  

Together, Sam and Dawn have earned 10 PROJECT 10 "i LOST it" and 1 "i BUILT it" shirts and combined to send 330 free meals to PROJECT 10 kids.

Recently, Sam and Dawn joined up with 3 other business partners to form a team entry to become the next Body by Vi Team Champions.  All 5 of these team mates have lost over 100 lbs on the Challenge.